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Step on the pedal and get your educational institute up and running with Kanri ERP which is a cloud-based online ERP software. Designed to consolidate all the different processes with a few clicks, this education management ERP helps in the proper management and execution of your strategies.


Admission Management System

Get your educational institute started with Kanri ERP that helps you manage the whole pre-admission process. It assists in the screening of students, shortlisting of applications, online registrations and issuing ID cards.

Timetable Management System

Time is crucial and we understand that. Using Kanri ERP cuts down on the management time as it helps in designing automatic and manual timetables. Additionally, it allows classrooms to your faculties and provides timely updates in case a substitution is required.

Attendance Record

Analyse absenteeism of the students by getting monthly reports. Our cloud-based school management software maintains a daily record of the attendance of all the students and sends alerts to parents when there are irregularities

Library management

Classify books at the library in various categories. Keep a check on the books that are in stock and those that have been issued. The library management system of Kanri ERP automatically calculates the fine to be paid by the student for late returns.

Student/Parent Portal

We provide unique student/parent logins so that they can stay updated about the happenings in your institute. With a promise to be quick and convenient, we have built a user-friendly UI that lets you personalize the dashboard as per your requirements.

Transportation management

Maintain a standardized record of the bus users and the different routes using our education management ERP software. Kanri ERP sends timely reminders and manages the bus fee efficiently.

Payroll Management

Easily looks after the payroll of the faculties and calculate their pay after standard deductions as per the law with Kanri ERP that provides ERP solutions to educational institutes. We help you generate reports instantly for your analysis.

Grades and Exam

Let your faculty focus on teaching while we do the paperwork for you. Kanri ERP also acts as a school result management system that updates the syllabus, creates a list of toppers and exam marks of all the students and much more. It also generates report cards to ease your efforts.

24/7 Support

We are here to support you round the clock if you face any issues with Kanri ERP. Our dedicated service managers provide quick solutions. We also regularly update our software to keep up with the industry standards.

Best ERP Software

Kanri ERP-Redefining Institutional Management

Kanri ERP is an all-inclusive software that plays on the idea of reducing the manual labour put into the working of your academy and increasing its efficiency.

We have designed an easy to manage and adaptable dashboard since our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. Keep everything from reports to payroll a click away by customizing the dashboard as per your requirement.

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