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An efficiently functioning HR team is the glue that holds an organisation together. You need to ensure that the processes of the HR department flow seamlessly so that they can focus on the employees. To do just that, presenting you Kanri HR, a comprehensive cloud-based online HRM software that helps companies streamline the HR processes. We promise to deliver convenient and quick solutions. With a goal to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of an organisation, this human resource management software is uber-efficient.


Employee Self-service

Employees can use the built-in personal panel where they can have an overview of the organization, feed their basic information and have access to the entire company's staff list with respective emails. This reduces the workload of the HR personnel. We also provide internal messaging on our platform that helps in developing a bond between the employees.

Performance Management

To increase productivity and manage efficiency, the performance details generated by our HR management software give an insight into the progress of the employees. This helps the HR team find ways in which way they can motivate the employees. They can set future training programs and equip the employee with a benchmark for goals.

Leave Management System

Custom Calendar settings can be done mentioning holidays and policies updating employees to apply for their planned leaves. Also, as per the hierarchy, the leave request system can be integrated specifying who the leave will be escalated to if an employee has to request for the same. A centralized leaves summary of all employees enables you to view their leave information.

News and Announcements for employees

General announcements or any circular of the organization can be reached easily through the Kanri HR management system with just a click. Customized messages on any special event can be delivered to a particular employee by setting up reminders.

User-friendly Dashboard

Our easy-to-understand dashboard gives a bird's eye view to the HR personnel who wishes to look into the overall performance of the organization. This takes a load off of their shoulders, thus letting them concentrate more on increasing the efficiency of the employees.

24/7 Support

We are here to answer all your Kanri HR software related questions. You can contact our team of experts that are present round the clock.

Encouraging you to reach your HR goals

We have designed an easy to manage and adaptable dashboard since our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Best HRM Software Best HRM Software

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